Hi. I’m George.

I spend my time looking for ways to use technology to address global challenges. Right now, I’m interested in combining data exploration and predictive analytics to help us understand our planet and communities, and make better decisions on how to make a fair, equitable, and more sustainable society.

My background as a physicist and materials scientist gave me first hand experience of how discoveries and new technologies are developed, and as time went on I became interested in how they are actually deployed to benefit humanity and what barriers prevent this from happening. I now look for ways that the data experience I gained from my time in research can be repurposed to improve the lives of people across the globe.

From sustainably meeting basic needs across the world, to managing humanitarian crises, to ensuring human rights, I see data science as part of a new era for humankind. If that sounds good to you then we should probably chat!

When I’m not photocopying myself, or thinking about how data, machine learning, and reorganising society can change the world, I can be found tinkering with bicycles, perfecting sourdough recipes, or discovering funk and soul records.