Competitive dads. Whether it’s football at the park, diving at the pool, or musical chairs at a birthday party, these valiant men will go beyond the call of duty to win at anything. However, one arena has remained devoid of competition: the school run.

No more.

With its slick tread, solid, plastic wheels, and monocoque frame design, the micro scooter has been screaming out for trickle-down road bike technology for too long. This mode of transportation, ubiquitous among children on their way to school, is now ready to be experienced by fathers who want to bring some competition to the morning routine.

My AeroScoot conversion brings aggressive aerodynamic positioning to the micro scooter geometry. Boasting a 14 cm drop with a chrome finish, it promises a stylish photo finish at the school gate for everyone to see.

Grab the lycra. It’s time to skid-dad-dle.

AeroScoot scooter with drop handlebars