Hi. I’m George.

I’m a researcher, podcaster, and bicycle mechanic.

I originally trained as a scientist, thinking that the best way to shape the world was by creating the technologies to solve the challenges we face. I still believe that this is important work, but over time it became apparent to me that science was not a neutral good that would deliver positive outcomes of its own accord.

Today I am motivated by a more holistic understanding of what is needed for a flourishing society. Alongside technological innovations, we have to address social issues such as the distribution of power and wealth, prejudice and divisions in our communities and the values we prioritise as individuals and a society.

I am an optimist. I believe that through a mix of knowledge we have and new ideas, we can find futures that improve the well-being of people, society and our planet.

This site is a collection of occasional personal blogs, projects and ideas about topics that interest and motivate me - generally those relating to ways that humanity can survive and thrive equitably.

I also make a podcast, Utopia Dispatch, where myself and my co-hosts have fun imagining alternative futures. I’m currently working as a data scientista and researcher at Nesta.